Friday, May 2, 2014

Desert Island


 I learned a couple of things from making the Mystic Braves- Desert Island video:
1. I should be more committed and patient with working out MY vision of a project- if there isn't enough time- then don't do it because it will be rushed and shitty. Its important to like the things you are making or scrap it or do it with someone else- but keep the integrity of your vision. I feel like I ended up scrapping 90% of what this video was supposed to be. I tossed most of my story boards because I became impatient with my cinematographer and the band's lack of availability. What I should have done is worked out how I could keep as much of what I wanted instead of eliminating more complex things because of time restraints. I don't like this video because it's not as good as it could have been. But it's only my fault for making too many compromises.
2. Don't work rushed.
3. Note to self: You can't fix it in post- learn how to use a camera.
4. Masking is cool sometimes- custom masks are super cool.
5. Photoshop is good for making your own fonts.
6. Get all the shots you need- know all the shots you need.
7. Close ups are really fucking important.
8. Make sure there are no cellphones on the keyboard.
9. Be consistent with footage quality.
10. Don't scrap a good idea and make something shitty out of it- the final product should be better than the initial concept.
11. Know the weather before you go out on location- I thought I knew what this meant- it wasn't raining out but wind is not good with hats.
12. Follow your shot list.
13. You have to have a comfortable relationship with anyone you are putting infront of your camera to act- its difficult to work with someone if you don't know how to tell them to act something out many times without frustrating them- ie. there are different ways to request performances from different people.
14. Give everyone the screen time they deserve- accordingly- don't make people feel more or less important- especially if its a band.
15. Leave enough time for some improvisation- everyone wants to put in their two cents and thats good especially if it will make everyone feel more at ease to fuck around
16. Don't be serious when you don't have to be
17. If you are not getting paid get some assurance of something else out of the deal- like getting on the guest list for shows or something
18. Thank everyone even if you are doing it for them
19. be punctual
20. know before hand how committed everyone else on the project is....

I know this is a really long list- but its real fucking important or you will en up frustrated self loathing with an ok to bad video.....

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