Saturday, November 30, 2013


I made this video for my High School friend Colin and his new band Terminal A a few months back. There was no plan we just went to some places where Colin and Lee like to loiter in San Pedro and I told them to do some stuff and I filmed and edited it to their song. 

Hiding Man

I wanted to shoot a short film based on Donald Barthelme's short story from Come Back Caligari, but my friends didn't memorize the lines and we used a stupid strobe light that ruined most of the footage and rendered other parts completely dark. I already had the theatre costumes footage and crew so I tossed the screenplay and edited what I could use in addition to some public domain footage from old exploitation films and set it to some Hermann Kopp and NON.   

Special Thanks to THE MICHIGAN THEATRE in Jackson MI

Manichini Coloniali by Hermann Kopp
Selections from NON Carnis Vale, Defenestration, Rise

All Insets used in this short are public domain and were obtained from

Monday, November 25, 2013

Girls In Black

I made this video with my friends its based off of an video of  incense and peppermints live performance by strawberry alarm clock done in the 60s but I messed with some aspects it matches shot for shot though! The images above are either preproduction references or unfiltered stills from the video. It was actually shot in HD but Rick from the band wanted it to look more "gritty" so I added a few filters and lowered the resolution. It ended up looking pretty good anyways. My sister Amanda did the makeup and styling on the lovely Avalon who did me the favor of sitting in for the video. Most of the footage was shot by my friend Priscilla in her apartment. 
Haven't posted in a while... but I have been working on a hand full of stuff so I'm getting back to putting it on this platform... Aside from doing odd jobs since I moved to Los Angeles I've been hanging out with my high school friends and their high school friends and going to a lot of shows and bars and film screenings- essentially most of my negative experiences in my past year can be summed up by Morrisey nagging: 

I haven't read enough books, had enough bicycle rides, written much on behalf of art or theory and I haven't seen the sun- I didn't apply to the AFI and heaven knows I'm miserable now.