Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Songs About Pussy

I personally don't find animals especially sexy but I can see why the cat is a sex symbol- I think it has to do with the purring and sleek movement... maybe the fit form...  the bestiality part kinda freaks me out but I mean to each his own, I'm sure most people don't think about it at all, they probably think pussy meant vagina before it did cat... kids these days... 

Either way I guess the linguistic association must have somehow evolved from the Ancient Egyptian symbol for the goddess of carnal pleasure and women: Basthet.. I'm sure you've seen her around.
But then again its origins seem German, specifically the Old Saxon word for vulva pūse, which also coincided with, but not synonymous for the call for a cat: "puss"...  in Taiwan the Amis word for cat is pusi...Eskimos say pussi... the list goes on.. If I took a wild guess I'd say it has to do with onomatopoeia- hiss hiss hiss anyone? phonetic association? maybe. I could go into the etymology... okay maybe if you're that interested you should be studying linguistics- so the last thing I'm going to say about pussy is that in medieval French pucelle referred to a young adolescent girl or a virgin or something and vulgarly became the synecdoche: puce referring to women....

...there are quite a few songs I really like that are about sexy cats so here you go:

this song is originally by April Stevens, her version is way better but I didn't want to make this post about her so I'm going to use the Marlyn Monroe version for the sake of variation..

 April Stevens has the sexiest purr, it sends shivers down my spine...
okay one last thing .. the "sex cat" thing has been attributed to two films 1958 And God Created Woman and 1964 film Kitten With a Whip's protagonists Bridgitte Bardot & Ann-Margret... so they can probably be held responsible for bringing it into the mainstream of pop culture 


everybody wants to be a cat...


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fingers Down the Throat of Love

 human harnesses
Bo Diddely... such a fucking baddass
...felt like this was a relevant song ...
leather bondage ect I could go on, but I don't feel like it so here are some pictures to think about

 poison ivy's ass

when I was sixteen and I wore a gag to school- it was cool- and if not cool passable- I found it recently and realize it is no longer passable....


Monday, August 8, 2011

Dead Brides

from top
Rozz Williams, Alaska, Divine, Tiffany, Amanda,  Alexi Hay, unknown, Robert Smith and Mary Poole, Alexi Hay, fetish bride, Bride of Frankenstein

bonus Elvis and Priscilla Presley... what chumps

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cross of Lorraine

in response to the Boyd Rice post, I was wondering what his cross necklace meant:
also known as the patriarchal cross, heraldic cross, or double barred cross... at first we thought it was a alchemy symbol [Colin suggested] so he looked through his book and I checked the google for references.. but I found it is neither a satanist, alchemy, or industrial music symbol... rather it is "the cross of lorraine" an alternative christian/byzantine symbol... it sometimes

represents the unrepentant thief crucified beside christ, or as in the above picture the anti nazi forces in wwii.. it also carries hermetic association and is used for mic associations today like the lung association whatever..
so either way its a really cool symbol and much better than the overused satanic cross going around with the hipsters.. fuck...

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Dream Date With Boyd Rice

music.. by any other word still sounds as sweet?... anyways, I really like Frank Tovey's Fad Gadget and I guess back in 1981 Boyd Rice did some sound stuff with him they titled the tracks "extractions" (whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean) and made a record which is my personal choice for reading music: Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing. Some times I feel I must justify some of my particularly eccentric listening preferences, as opposed to being thought a pretentious fool or just one of the latter..   and this is one of those times...

I have two reasons for this one:
1. as a reference source of sound, although I would not personally consider this album "music" perse and they are deffiniely NOT "songs" they are a good source of sound to take bits of for other works, or just to listen to sounds, in other words it has some good parts that would also sound good expanded upon and made into actual songs...
2. most of the stuff on the album, particularly extractions 1 & 4-6 are really good for creating a soothing atmosphere and blocking out sound when you are in a loud environment.

I went on to listen to some of his other stuff he was one of the pioneers of industrial music back in the 1970s with his solo project NON it gets a little too much for me to handle any given day of the week, and later its all pretty misanthropic when you get into the lyrical bits, but his voice doth slay. 

haha kind of a cool sociopath, which is like all the lyricists I enjoy, except Mr. Rice takes it a step further .  You can go on his website, he is a jack of many trades: I guess he had a tikki lounge in the 80s, he did some conceptual art with swastikas, has written quite a few books and acted in a shitton of films (which i have yet to look into), but what really got me was that he is a priest in the church of satan.... haha right, if you ever get a chance watch some of his stuff its funny. I was just looking up some of Anton LaVey's stuff at my school library when I discovered Boyd Rice elsewhere and then I watched some old interviews with LaVey's daughter and Boyd Rice, it was too funny.

Inflammatory rhetoric and dialectics just kill me- all the time, unless its Lydia Lunch because I really hate her and her futile arguements just piss me off (or Marlyn Manson or Lady Gaga..). Either way I guess I'm usually a devil's advocate, no pun intended, while I am an atheist I believe that even christians are entitled to an all out no rules rhetoric battle... and Boyd Rice is one of the most civil and respectful rhetoricians I have viddied.

Skull Flower
What else..  oh yeah another person I hate, Marlyn Manson totally ripped off Boyd Rice's graphic designs for his album covers.. and for the sake of bringing it up but not getting off topic about Boyd Rice, Marlyn Manson is exactly like Lady Gaga  in regards to Rozz Wiliams, David Bowie and Boyd Rice whilst plagiarizing their work....
that's really beside the point, I guess he's friends with Marlyn Manson.. I really want to look into more of Boyd Rice's stuff he's the kind of asshole who actually has something interesting to say, or at least in my experience an interesting way of saying it, I really like his inequality is eternal sign no altruism here:

I'm posting this link so I won't forget I want to see this documentary...
but like everyone that is cool he's done some pretty silly stuff and he's fucking old now.
Did I mention he was a babe?


Portaits of Michael jackson

Need I say more?
-Amanda Jacques