Sunday, April 26, 2015

La Movida

Just finished translating the second edition of the 1982 book "La Movida" by Paco Martin, he was a DJ during the start of the Movida in Spain. Also known as the golden age of Spanish music- it is today considered Spain's most fruitful musical era of the last decade. It lasted between 1975-1987, and its beginning coincides with the death of their dictator. The movement has been arguably traced back to the capital city of Madrid although it was actually more of a national movement with music coming from throughout the nation. As a side note- the term "La Movida" is quit broadly used to express visual arts, film and publications of the area (the most internationally renown of those associated with this movement is Pedro Almodovar).
I found out about La Movida when I was living in Spain during college and started collecting records and found some books at El Rastro in Madrid. Unfortunately there isn't much literature on the subject in English and the music (what mainly attracted me to the subject) is all in spanish- but I think it's worth sharing and unburying from the annals of recent pop history.
This particular book only talks about the music made in the city of Madrid from 1977-1982 (when it was published). The organization (somewhat encyclopedic) and lack of information in general made me do a bunch of research on other aspects of the movement and I've been compiling music videos and other stuff to share.

 (if you would like the whole transcript in English email me and I would love to send it your way)-

all photos are credited to:

Jesus Peraita
Miguel Trillo
Alberto G. Alix
Pierre Alain de Oliveira
Diana Polakov
Rafael Abitbol
Paco Luque