Saturday, November 12, 2011


On Halloween I watched a film- by Derek Jarman- it is called Blue. It is about AIDS.   

Its crazy how much I enjoyed it considering it visually consists of over an hours worth of palpitating blue screen- I also began watching Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blue [part of the Three Colors trilogy] earlier that day but just fazed out- to say the least in my opinion Jarman's Blue is the better of the two.

 In 1986 Jarman was diagnosed HIV + and between then and his death in 1994 he suffered the loss of his sight- where he was once a very photographically oriented towards content his last film is a reflection of his vision before death- Blue nothingness.


Quite a bit of the music was done by Brian Eno- so that's cool- if you cannot find value in any thing else that should be the saving grace- there is a reason for everyone to love Blue and/or inversely hate it.  

I wrote a response for my classical film theory class defending the notion that Blue is cinematic-


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