Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buffalo Bill's Tattoos

The Goodbye Horses Scene in Silence of the Lambs is one of the best scenes in any film I have ever seen, the cuts are spot on the sound track and the evolution, ahh the lighting, I would have to say it stands alone as the most perfect scene ever made... which easily explains why it has been so often parodied (in various cartoons, and Clerks ect.).. aside from that I have recently become obsessed with Buffalo Bill's sacrilegious holy wound tattoos, also the great enigmatic Q Lazzarus' song Goodbye Horses

Ted Levine as Jame ''Buffalo Bill" Gumb is amazingly sexy, he should have his own film, not to mention Silence of the Lambs consolidated his role as an evil mother fucker, if one year from today I still want his tattoo its on.   


  1. Hey, if you're ever getting his tattoo, at least get it right... Oh, and change that hideous font, haha.
    Here are some stills i took myself: