Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Valley of Sleep


I have very few friends I actually enjoy, one of them is (Colin) Daddy Peterson, I met Colin in high school film club when my family moved to Laguna Beach my junior year in high school. He's always showing me his sketch books and I have had the opportunity to see his style of work develop and change over the past four years... although nowadays he spends more time doing experimental/industrial/conceptual music... he recently moved to Long Beach and I have been staying at his flat a few days a week to commute to school in LA...

I really like his work and it usually sits around in his house so when he agreed to let me post his work I kind of ran to the local press and had my favorites scanned... we are supposed to start painting sessions together soon, Amanda has been inviting him over for lessons for the past two years... we haven't really gotten around to it yet.... but it seems imminent


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