Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enduring Destiny

If Tommy Wiseau and David Lynch where retarded-film-making-siamese-twins-conjoined-at-the-head, and some how obtained eight thousand dollars and then managed (at least partially) to maintain the dedication of a cast and crew for at least three years- the end product would be Enduring Destiny

The story of "Max Kenner" (Thomas Reilly-King), scholarship wrestler and aspiring C.I.A. agent, has traveled from his suburban California home and high school sweetheart, "Jessica Bateman" (Ariel Vida), to a bitter cold semester at Michigan State University. There unfolds a gripping, coming-of-age journey into the glory days of youth and timeless memories. Personalities intermingle in a mix of triumphs, romance, comedy, mishaps, and downright misery. Once a squeaky clean, slightly cocky guy of privilege and self determination, is thrust into a humbling life of physical dependence after tragedy strikes. As a cripple in a wheelchair, Max's masculinity becomes confronted by his reliance on others. Jealousy and ulterior motives surface through a landscape filled with fast-paced fraternity parties and superficiality galore. Also starring Shae Valko as nerdy roommate, "Bernard Feinstein", Nick Zott as Max's fraternity big brother, "Jake Conway", Zack Stewart as the wrestling team bully, "Sid Butcher," with special appearances by Russ "Rusty" Jameson and the one and only Mr. Bill Vincent. Enduring Destiny is a deconstruction into a status-driven ego of crippling proportions. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll witness one young man's fire burning deep inside!
Drama / Suspense

Independent Feature-length Film

Filmed in High Definition

I recenty had the priviledge ( I say this both ironically and genuinely: I genuinely feel like part of a privileged elite after having been able to see this movie!) to watch a rough cut- what might be the second to last cut before the final product- of the film Enduring Destiny at a mutual friend of T.R.K. and mine's house-  [the missing shots are filled in with intertitles describing the shot and it's narrative function]

it may be "the text book example of how not to make movie"-it is ludicrous- but the fact that I had heard so much about it before hand made for a sort of fabricated cult viewing experience of which my generation (the youtube generation) has sadly been stripped of on account of the availability and convergence of media-

(my synopsis: a jock form California moves to Michigan to go to MSU (presumably on a wresting scholarship) to follow his destiny and become-yes at MSU- a CIA agent- he leaves behind his high school girlfriend- arrives in snow to greet his nerdy/cute roommate- whom he abandons for popularity when he joins a fraternity- there is lots of wrestling- an evil ginger nurse- a guy with green hair- an Obama mask- a sledge hammer- falling wheelchairs- retribution-a CIA agent- more wrestling-) all you have to know is that in T.R.K.'s universe it takes two hours to drive from California to Michigan.

I had written more but it got deleted on these fucking stupid library computers so this is all i have to say for now. 


  1. I'm going to see this movie i think. Soon/.

    1. The Official Premiere is 12-21-12!

      Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, MSU Campus

      Friday night @ 8pm

      A night of movie magic, fine food, and cocktails! But is the world and time as we know it ending or ENDURING!

      Formal dress suggested.

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  2. Whoever posted that last comment, you're a fucking asshole.

    Don't listen to the haters, Tom. You made a feature length movie, which is something I'm sure "anonymous" hasn't done.

    Just believe, and keep on enduring.