Monday, October 31, 2011

My Wild and Raunchy Deep Space Adventures on Planet 69

Does any one else remember when those stupid metallic leggings and wearing plugs became super popular?
Nik Haskin's My Wild and Raunchy Deep Space Adventures on Planet 69 is a pastiche film made by a bratty quasi-rebelious-middleclass-guy- it relies heavily on visually quoting Tim and Eric, paint, and a green screen. As well as gay jokes.I was informed that the title is a play on Ed Wood's Plan Nine From Outer Space and the gay comic My Wild and Raunchy Son.  It is about a gay porn star couple that live on various media platforms and universes in space and time and their dream to create the greatest porn ever.... 

Once more- that is to say: yet another cultish independent film- this time not by a member of the university community (like it makes a fucking difference- equally or less stupid than my last film reviewed- just goes to show maybe college DOES make you stupid...)- made in Michigan- saw this one in a basement in Allen Park- it was made by the guy with the glasses and black hair...

What I really liked about the film (much to the dismay of one of the animators- Arthur Muzzin) is that it plays out like a high and or just plain mundane channel surfing experience- except there is something interesting on every channel- so here is where you can choose to watch the trailer and be dissapointed in the future (if you even EVER get the experience of watching the movie) or go by my description of the film and then be forced to go on the youtube everyday for the rest of your life hoping the dvd has been taken out of Arthur's basement and uploaded to the internet:

according to my interpretation it plays out a lot like Schodinger's cat:
there are four rooms with televisions: 
1.some kids getting stoned
2. An elderly couple
3. over sexualized video gaming room 
4. guy jacking off 
in room three the kids are playing a video game starring Chip and Dale, 
in room one they are flipping through channels where they get infomercials and some cartoons, room two monotonous candle screen, room four Chip and Dale also star in porno 

I think if you disregard the plot the director/writer was going with and instead of trying to make narrative sense out of the film it is a great historical document as a reflection of my generation of psuedo-cool early 2000 over sexualized internet fiends with tight pants and plugs- love for owls and cartoon network allusions. One of my biggest problems with legitimate/mainstream films is that they do not represent the consuming audience- this film shows you who made it and who would want to watch it-

*as a side note: if everyone in the movie was actually gay this might be important art... alas... 
watch at your own risk:
The official trailer to the much anticipated "scifi sexploitation" film entitled: My Wild and Raunchy Deep Space Adventures on Planet 69 (aka Planet 69).

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